Namra Village Hotel
The historic Temisgam village is set amidst the Himalayan valley of Sham along the bank of the mighty Indus river.
Namra Village Hotel
Namra hotel offers a perfect blend of comfort, tradition and quaintness of rural Ladakh, frozen in time.
Namra Village Hotel
Gear up to experience the mountains, the vastness, deep spiritual odyssey and life at the rooftop of the world.

Namra hotel nestles in the picturesque valley of Tingmosgang, once the summer capital of Ladakh, 90 km west of Leh. Situated on the banks of the mighty Indus river and its tributaries, it is the home for native species of trees, flowers, birds, and freshwater streams. Namra restaurant serves wholesome vegetarian food, sourced from its organic gardens, orchards & farm. Guests have access to its Buddhist family shrine room, library and Wi-Fi. The estate overlooks the ancient Tingmosgang castle monastery and is close to Ang Vipassana valley and famous, ancient monasteries of Alchi & Lamayuru.

Ladakh Village Experience


Meet people

Say hello to the family and the friendly inhabitants of Tingmosgang. Meet and interact with the folks of the village. Ask questions to the elderly, join the farmers in the field and play with children. Make friends, visit their homes and share stories.


The hotel has everything in place to turn its spacious backyard into an ideal camping spot. Well-equipped dome tents can be pitched under the trees and beside the frolicking stream. The guests can huddle near the bonfire in the evening. The tall trees, fresh air and bare mountains in the view enhance the feeling of recreational camping.


Meditate in the family Buddhist shrine room. The shrine room houses the holy statues, scriptures and artefacts that evoke a divine energy. Tune in and sense the vastness of the land around and the power and insignificance of our beings.


Set out on a photo session to capture the beautiful scenery around. Climb to the palace and watch the three valleys fork out like a lotus flower. The village offers one of the best spots in the region to capture perfect time lapse and star trails.


The hotel is an ideal spot for short hikes that only takes a day. For the uninitiated, the mountain behind the hotel offers an uphill hiking trail. For a longer hike, our expert guides will accompany the guest through the hiking trails in the vicinity.


Learn to put together several authentic Ladakhi dishes by learning in the traditional Namra traditional kitchen. Help the cooks pick the produce from the orchards, prepare the ingredients using traditional methods and witness the ingredients turning into sumptuous meals in Namra kitchen.


A festival called Tukpaichunna takes place in summer every year at the Tserkarmo monastery, 3 km from the hotel, to celebrate the birth anniversary of Jay Gampopa, one of the greatest Kagyu masters. The exact date depends on when the anniversary is marked in a particular year’s lunar calendar. Achi mask dance is its primary attraction. The festival attracts hundreds of people across the world every year.

Whitewater rafting

White river rafting is popular the region. This stretch of Indus river in Ladakh, with its gentle force, beautiful canyons and rapids offer perfect condition for some frolicking in the water. Several rafting itineraries are available depending on the level the guests want to engage in. Level I-III is possible here.

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Namra Village Hotel